KammerCard A58: Seahorse Sarcophagus


What am I buying?

You are purchasing a rare, limited edition digital trading card!

A limited number of each card will be 'minted' as special tokens. The life of each token, including your ownership, is tracked and verified by the Ethereum blockchain (Here's a sample blockchain record). Because of this, you are able to transfer and or resell your ownership rights to others and hence, it's a trading card!

This is a new world and a new way of thinking about ownership. We think its ridiculously fun. We're also thinking about how to make it as easy as possible for people to get started.

Before purchasing cards, you will need a wallet to hold them. We recommend the Lumi Collect app for your mobile device. By tapping the 'receive' button your wallet address will appear. At checkout time, copy this into the "Wallet Address" field and that's where we'll send the cards :)

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