KammerCard A78: Bentonite Sandwich


What am I buying?

You are purchasing a rare, limited edition digital trading card!

Only 100 editions of this card have been produced. Your ownership is verified by a Secure Public Online Ownership Ledger that utilizes the same underlying technology as the Bitcoin digital currency. Because of this, you are able to transfer your ownership rights to others via the same immutable public ownership ledger, hence, it's a trading card!

Following your purchase, you will be sent important email from a website called Ascribe.io that can be used to claim your card(s). Right now we need to send this email to you manually. This will happen as soon as possible after your purchase but we would be grateful if you might (in a worst case) allow up to 24 hours to occur. Update: the Ascribe.io service has ceased to operate as of September 2018. Sales have been suspended until a new blockchain registry/wallet solution is implemented.

Follow the link in the email and upon creating a free account (or logging in with your existing account) you will find a digital wallet containing the card(s) you own, a Certificate of Ownership for each (here's a sample) including the edition number (e.g. number 42 of 100), as well as links to the transaction records as they will reside on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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