Terms of Use

Let’s get something straight. I hate these things. I almost never read them. I’m sorry that you even feel a little bit obligated to read this.

This is an experiment.

I’m grateful to have you along for the ride and will do everything to honour your interest and attention. That said, stuff might happen, no guarantees, likely no refunds, blah^3. I assume you’re ok with that.

Rather than try to code everything myself we’re working with a service called Ascribe.io. They have their own terms, and you might want to check them out.

This is essentially an art project and by making a purchase you’re being a part of it. I appreciate that more than you know. I’m collecting taxes and stuff because, well, I live in Canada, and it seems like it is what I’ve got to do. I guess it means collecting information about where you’re from in order to determine whether to charge taxes or not. If you’re not from Canada, I don’t collect the tax, but it all seems so irrelevant. Fiat currency. Contact me if you want to use Bitcoin. Or Fudgecoin. Whatever.

If you use PayPal it will show up as a charge from Device Paradigm Digital Space Design. It’s a sole proprietorship and the parent company of all this craziness.

I may also want to send email from time to time. You’re free to opt in, you’re free to opt out. You know how it goes. I will treat your information like it is my own.

I’ll also endeavour to make sure this website is updated with the latest versions of everything. Automattic and the WordPress community are amazing at spotting security weaknesses and addressing them. But again, stuff might happen. I assume you’ll understand.

Thanks again.