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Enter Through the Gift Shop: Introducing

Hello! For those of you who have been along for the ride on Instagram, the day is finally here. Welcome to the next phase of the Wunderkammer project! We are happy to introduce KammerCards, the Official Gift Shop of the Museum of Institutional Ephemera (MOIE), and introduce Chad Oberg and Chip Poutine as museum co-Directors.

From the About page:

The Museum

The museum was established in 2017 as a Wunderkammer (Wonder Cabinet) featuring a curated selection of upcycled immaterial artifacts gleaned from (generously licensed) 3D model warehouses and open source vertex pushers, rendered in realtime, covered in interwebs, laced with memedust, doused in several coats of narrative lacquer, cut with Prisma and weighed by the Instagram.

The Cards

To carry the concept further, the Museum is pleased to offer limited edition collectible digital trading cards. When you make a purchase here on the site…a link is provided to create an account on, where you will find a digital wallet containing the card(s) you own, a Certificate of Ownership for each including the edition number (e.g. number 42 of 100), as well as links to the transaction records as they will reside on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Perfect is the enemy of the good as they say. There are a few tiny kinks to work out in the way this site shows up on tablets and mobile devices, but everything has been tested to work at the time of this writing. If you notice something that’s not quite right, feel free to get in touch.

We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.


Kind Regards,


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