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Final Day for My Haunted Basement

Architectural scale model of a forest fire watch tower, constructed of pretzels, enrobed in chocolate and surrounded by nuts and gummy bears

The temporary Exhibition “My Haunted Basement” has reached the final day at the the Museum of Distended Anamnesis (MODistA). If you haven’t checked it out we highly recommend a visit, as the world’s largest singular collection of works by the late artist Florian Gawurtsdym will be returning to the our vault until such time as an expansion to the Museum can be completed. We invite Members and Friends of MOIE to stay tuned for details of the forthcoming capital campaign.

“My Haunted Basement” is a prolific series of dioramas and architectural models primarily constructed from wood, brass, acrylic, diecast metal, detritus, and edibles during a prodigious period of creativity spanning decades from 1978-2005, produced in Lodgepole Alberta Canada, Edmonton Alberta Canada, Longyearbyen Svalbard Norway, and Binghamton NY USA.